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→paleo breakfast bread

I’m currently on a no-grain restricted-sugar meal plan (I hate using the word “diet”) and I’ve been looking for good paleo recipes. My favorite breakfast is typically a blueberry muffin, so I was definitely interesting in finding something sweet to bake. These Paleo Breakfast Bars from Elena’s Pantry were delicious! The almond butter makes them extremely satisfying. Next time I’ll try adding chopped nuts or berries. Yum.

tracking the progress of my gel manicure. it lasted 5 weeks! and then i got a new one :)



Honestly, in our book, beer pairs with everything. Having a burger? Yup, we’ll take a beer. Grabbing sushi and we only have a huge Russian Imperial Stout on hand? That will do just fine. Of course, there is something satisfying when you’ve got the right kinda beer for the food you’re having. If you need some artistic pointers, there’s this Beer/Food 2013 Calendar. From downing an IPA with a burger off the grill in July to frying up some fish and enjoying a light pilsner with it in April, the calendar will give you a bit of a reminder for what your brewski should be. Just be warned that it will make you both hungry and thirsty every time you check the date.

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my new car! 

excellent mineral additions to my rock collection! wavy lead and copper; pure galena (cubic and octahedral); pure chalcopyrite (massive yellow); granular galena with cubic galena and some granular chalcopyrite on dolomite; and multicolored chalcopyrite crystalized on dolomite crystals forming on dolomite with disseminated galena and some cubic lead, and granular sphalerite/chalcopyrite within dolomite (and disseminated galena) with dolomitic crystals and cubic galena. 

my christmas

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A Christmas picnic in Australia, 1881.
(National Library of Australia)

part 2.

an assortment of meals i’ve made, part 1.

here are photos of the truffles i started making yesterday. all done, wrapped in tins and boxes for gifting. 

jewelry i made.

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